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Security Auto Loan is a subprime finance company that is housed at New Hope Minnesota. This company was started over 13 years ago and has a good experience in the auto-finance industry where it works with several dealers. The two main services offered by Security Auto Loan are Subprime lending and special financing.

Security Auto Loan company has worked with both large and small dealers in the urban and rural areas. Some of the dealers who have worked with Security Auto Loan are independent while many are franchised. There are four subprime dealer programs that are run by Security Auto Loan, and each is suited to fit the needs every dealer has. There are also multiple special financing programs that have a flexible and personal approach so as to conduct business. This means that if you want to work with Security Auto Loan, you do not have to alter your business to fit in. Instead, there is flexibility which allows you to work with the company and at the same time conduct your business. You can visit to sign up as a dealer at their subprime dealer application packet.

How does the Security Auto loan work?

Customers who are out there looking for special financing in the auto loan are the main targets of Security Auto Loan. Individuals who have a less than perfect credit and need special financing are well catered for by Security Auto Loan. The subprime loans offered by Security Auto Loan are meant to help pay off a higher interest debt. For instance, the credit card debt may be higher, and the only way to pay it is by using a subprime loan.

What are Security Auto Loan’s Interest rates?

The subprime auto loans offered by Security Auto Loan tend to have higher interest rates when compared to the prime rate usually offered on traditional loans. If you take a long-term loan using subprime loans, you are likely to pay back tens of thousands of dollars due to the additional interest payments that accrue from the additional percentage points of interest.

Borrowers with low credit can benefit from the subprime loan. There is no specific interest charged on a subprime loan, and it is, therefore, advisable for borrowers to compare interest rates before settling for any auto loan. You can find more at

Which states does Security Auto Loan operate in?

Having been started in 2003 in New Hope, Minnesota, Security Auto Loan has grown and spread to other states in the United States of America. The Security Auto Loan has dealers in Minnesota, Nebraska, Kansas, Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Iowa, Missouri, and Wisconsin.

How is Security Auto Loan better than other lenders?

The Security Auto loan has services that have been said to be extremely good. The company is flexible and allows any dealer is working with them to go to school or even their daily business without tampering with Security Auto Loan activities. The company also has diverse employees who are well qualified. The owners and directors are on site and hence easily approachable. They also offer important advice to the clients who wish to get loans from the company. Despite being only 13 years old in the industry, Security Auto Loan has worked hard and serviced over 19000 people with loans.