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The National Auto Loan Network is a company that was founded by a group of finance experts who had the vision of finding a way to save individuals the agony of obtaining financing to either purchase a car or refinance their car loan. With over 40 years of experience, the company has made it’s a name and a wide customer base which has consequently resulted in it receiving a number or reviews.

Poor customer care

National Auto Loan Network has been accused of having poor customer service. One individual reports that the company called him some time back to relay a message to a neighbor. The individual further reveals that the customer care guy was hardly understandable. Many customers and other people who are not among the firm’s customers find the act of calling neighbors, instead of the individual customer, amounting to irresponsibility and carelessness. Those who comment on the issue agree that the firm’s management should act to ensure that such a communication debacle is avoided in the future.

Lack of transparency

A good number of customers have negatively reviewed the company because of lack transparency. A customer reported that he bought a truck through the company and made payments for it for two years. However, when he missed making three payments he got a call to make the payment or the company repossesses the truck, he immediately sent them the cash, but he never received the title. The company claimed he had a balance. Up to date, he has never received the title.


National Auto Loan Network has been receiving negative reviews because of harassment issues. A customer reported that the company staff has been issuing some threats to him. Some of the threats include constant issuance of verbal threats to repossess his car. He also complains that the company’s representatives are very rude and confrontational. Another client reported that the company has been calling his family members and friends regarding his account/payments and his phone number for contact. According to customers, such acts of harassing clients are unprofessional and unethical.

High charges

The company has been accused in the recent past of inflating its charges on auto loans taken by its customer. A customer reported that he requested for six deferrals which he was openly granted by the company. However, when he started repaying the loan, he found out that the charges had been inflated. When he spoke to one of the company’s supervisors he was told the amount being charged was because he had agreed to pay that much extra for the deferred which was false. To many customers, such acts of defrauding individuals are inhumane and very harsh of the company.

Easy application process

The National Auto Loan Network has received positive reviews due to its easy and fast application process. The process followed in applying for an auto loan with the company is very smooth and enjoyable according to many customers. According to a customer, the process took about two days to complete and that in addition to the speedy application, he got two months of not having to make any payments. Another customer reported that he received very efficient and informative assistance from the company’s representative during the application process that made the whole process easy and simple. With such a fast and efficient application, the company has continued to gain more positive reviews and customers.