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Innovative Funding Services (IFS) was founded in 2007 as a niche financial services company specializing in automotive loan services. Its purpose is to match borrowers with lenders and financing sources across a network of well-known, credible partners and affiliates. IFS is headquartered in Austin, Texas, with a location in Denver, Colorado.

IFS is a consumer to lender matching service. If you need an auto loan, you can apply online or call 1-866-504-3748 to speak with an IFS Finance Advisor six days a week.

IFS can help consumers with new and used auto financing, auto refinancing, auto lease purchases, company car purchases, and lease buyouts. Consumers benefit from IFS’s ability to easily compare rates across a variety of lenders and its advocacy with potential finance sources. Partner lenders benefit when IFS delivers pre-screened applicants for financing consideration and then helps to process their loans.

How Does IFS Work?

Most traditional banks process your auto financing application and then collect your loan repayment amount each month if you are approved. IFS is an auto financing and lending network. It provides consumers with involvement in evaluating their auto needs. It offers one venue to tackle several different steps in the car-buying process, such as:

What Rates Does IFS Offer Applicants?

  • obtaining credit repair advice,
  • vetting auto dealerships,
  • acquiring several competing loan offers,
  • streamlining lender comparison shopping,
  • and completing title work.

Because IFS is a consumer to lender matching company, not a lender, IFS’s rates vary according to the best match for each applicant they work with. Ultimately, they match you with the appropriate financing options based on your creditworthiness and income.

IFS will prepare you to seek auto loan financing with expert evaluation of what they know individual lenders need to get you approved:

  • previous vehicle payment records,
  • down payment amount,
  • credit reports,
  • employment history,
  • and income documentation.

IFS Finance experts can access lenders offering known, competitive refinancing interest rates and flexible loan terms for customers seeking to refinance an existing auto loan. New and used car buyers can save time, cut down paperwork, and comparison shop easily through IFS. If your credit score is low (below 640), IFS can match you with poor credit auto loans and work with lenders to keep your monthly payment affordable.

IFS Finance Advisors are especially adept with company car purchases and financing, with the consumer benefit of driving an exceptionally-maintained used vehicle often driven by only one person before them. If you are on the market for a new vehicle, IFS may help you save money and get more car for your money with their Company Car Purchase program.

Is IFS As Good As a Bank?

Innovative Funding Sources is listed as licensed registered lender with the Texas Office of Consumer Credit Commissioner. IFS is licensed in most states and is a member of the Better Business Bureau in good standing. Innovative Funding Sources only connects its borrowers to FDIC-insured financial institutions as lending partners.

A traditional bank includes auto loans in its entire body of unrelated or only closely-related services such as checking and savings accounts, assets and investments, and other loans. Innovative Funding Sources restricts its products and services to the automobile financing industry, guaranteeing you loan consultants and personnel who stay abreast of the latest auto industry trends and are well-informed about financing autos.

IFS also provides auto warranties, Gap Insurance, and tire and wheel protection plans. IFS insures customers purchase protection and coverage from only the most trusted sources.