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Golden 1 Credit Union began in Sacramento, California, in 1933. Today, it is one of the nation’s largest credit unions. Golden 1 boasts over 800,00 members and $10 billion in assets. It is a not-for-profit cooperative and returns its earnings to its members.

Golden 1 serves consumers with 80 California branches, 240 free ATMS and 30,000 CO-OP ATMs nationwide. It offers the same products and services as a traditional bank but all its members share part-ownership.

Golden 1 Credit Union offers auto loans to help borrowers finance new and used vehicles as well as new and used RVs, boats and motorcycles. You may also refinance your vehicle loan from another lender.

How Do I Begin the Golden 1 Auto Loan Process?

To start the application process, visit, call 1-877-GOLDEN 1 or make an appointment at a California branch. All online applicants are allowed to exit their application as long as they save their data, and return to check the status of their completed application. Applicants receive a financing decision within a few days. All approved borrowers must agree to maintain full auto coverage for the life of their auto loan.

What Are Golden 1’s Rates?

Golden 1 factors borrowers’ loan APR and interest rates based on credit score, down payment, loan terms, collateral conditions and amount financed. If you have not shopped for a vehicle yet, you are guaranteed to lock in a pre-approval rate for 30 days. All rates are subject to terms, restrictions, and conditions that may change. However as of January 2017, here are example rates for a borrower with excellent creditworthiness.

2.99% 2.99%8.99%

  • New Auto: 2.99%
  • Used Auto (less than 9 years old): 2.99%
  • First Time New and Used Auto Buyer: 8.99%

If you need financing for a vehicle ten years or older, contact the credit union for terms.

The Golden 1 Discount Auto Pricing program can expedite your path to driving a new vehicle. You gain pre-approval online for up to 100% financing with a low-rate Golden 1 auto loan.

The program features pre-arranged pricing on new and pre-owned vehicles from hand-selected dealerships near you. These dealerships have paid a participation fee for access to serious buyers like you. Dedicated Auto Pricing Program Specialists help you find, finance, trade and insure a new or pre-owned vehicle at low, pre-arranged prices.

Do I Have to Be a Member to Apply for a Golden 1 Auto Loan?

No! Approval for a Golden 1 auto loan is not restricted to its credit union members only.

As a member, you will certainly enjoy many membership benefits such as discounts and an easier application process. However, Golden 1 is happy to consider non-member applications for auto loans. Non-members must first set up a new account at the Online Application Center. Loan specialists will need to consider your employment history, annual income and monthly expense data in order to process your application.

Why Should I Choose a Golden 1 Auto Loan?

Highly qualified applicants may able to defer their first Golden 1 auto loan for a 90-day period. If you experience sudden financial hardship or need to save for an emergency, Golden 1 offers a “Skip-a-Payment” program. You may arrange ahead of time to skip up to five payments over the life of your loan. Also, you will not pay a penalty if you pay off your auto loan early.

Golden 1 Credit Union is federally insured by the NCUA. Golden 1 does not return its earnings to stockholders, but is committed to helping its members and consumers increase financial wealth and grow assets through part-ownership.