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About Cars Direct

Cars Direct is based in El Segundo, California and is a car shopping website. Founded in 1998, Cars Direct had the first website that allowed visitors to buy directly from a website, rather than being referred to a physical automobile dealership. Since 1998, the Cars Direct website has grown to include research information on vehicles, loan calculators, financing information, and insurance information.

How Does Cars Direct Work?

Cars Direct allows visitors to the website to research cars they are interested in, and then build and determine what options they want in the car. Then, once the shopper has the car picked out, Cars Direct will offer a price for the car and connect the shopper with the internet department of a nearby automobile dealership. Customers can use the Cars Direct price quote when speaking with the dealership. With the trade in calculator on their website, customers can also find out the value of their car which can help when the dealership provides a quote on the trade in.

Auto Loans through Cars Direct

Cars Direct offers three types of car loans: New Cars, Used Cars, and Refinancing. Cars Direct has a very quick and easy application online that is able to match borrowers with lenders. The application can also help determine how much local lenders are willing to lend. In addition to credit scores, lenders working with Cars Direct often take into account the current financial situation of borrowers, including recent divorces, lay-offs, and relocations.

Loan interest rates are based on the amount of the loan, the duration of the loan, and also the borrower’s employment, credit, and income inforation. Once the loan application is submitted, the customer is contacted to receive additional information about the loan terms including monthly payments and the length of the loan.

Cars Direct also works with vehicle refinancing companies to help people refinance their current auto loan. By working with rateGenius, Cars Direct can help match people with the best refinancing options available. Rate Genius can access more than 150 lenders nationwide to help find great rates and loan terms.

How Is Cars Direct Better than Other Lenders

Cars Direct makes car shopping easy. Rather than having to haggle with someone at a car dealership, then struggle with finding a lender, buyers can pick out the car of their dreams and get a great price for it from the comfort of home. By filling out the simple and secure Cars Direct loan application, borrowers are also connected to lenders that are able to work with them, even if the borrower has negative marks on their credit. Cars Direct also has a wide variety of calculators and informative tools to help borrowers know how much they can afford, monthly payment estimators, and more.