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About Bankrate

Originally established in 1976, Bankrate was started as a finance paper called the “Bank Rate Monitor.” The “Bank Rate Monitor” printed loan and interest rate information and other banking news and information. In 1996, the “Bank Rate Monitor” started their website and renamed themselves

Visitors to Bankrate will find a vast amount of personal finance information, all of which is incredibly objective, well researched, and non-biased. They cover all topics of personal finance including loans and debts such as mortgages, credit cards, and auto loans. They also have content on insurance, retirement, taxes, and savings accounts. Their network allows them to gather the latest data from institutions across the United States and determine rates in each state and over 600 local markets.

Auto Loans on Bankrate

While itself does not offer loans directly, you can enter in the information about what type of loan you want (such as a 60-month new auto loan), and then Bankrate will find auto lenders in your area and show their current interest rates. This lets you shop for your car loan and find the best rate for your needs! They only provide rates from reputable lenders. There are also links to the terms and conditions to each lender, giving you the best information before you apply or sign up with a lender.

Benefits to Using Bankrate is a well-respected information site. They have a huge network in which they own and operate several finance-themed websites, including,, and Bankrate also works with other financial websites and news sources to provide them with information in addition to also gaining information for their website. You can trust that the information they provide is accurate and trustworthy. They also have excellent articles on auto loans, calculators on how much you can afford or what the best kind of loan for your needs is. Also, their services are free and do not require signing up.

What to Remember When Using Bankrate

Bankrate is an information site only that provides current loan and interest information. Bankrate does not have your personal information, so they are unable to take your credit information into account. The interest rate quotes from the lenders they provide are the lowest rates available from those lenders. If you choose to apply with one of the lenders Bankrate lists, then you may receive a different interest rate based on your credit and financial history.